During times of  weather related disaster situations such as hurricanes, tornadoes or floods. Obtaining  safe water for hydration and medical needs becomes extremely critical. H2O SURVIVAL™  has been in the forefront in making water filter products for many years that provide instant and safe water purification  for campers and preppers and relief organizations that aid those in disaster situations.  With the recent flooding disasters from Harvey to Maria, our products have been being successfully used in Florida, Puerto Rico and overseas in mexico. Our products  were used during the Philippines disaster a number years ago and many of our water filtration straws  are being currently being purchased by local church mission groups and disaster relief agencies who will be using them for their own personnel in their rescue relief efforts.  Many private citizens as well as organizations are also shipping H2O survival straws and water bags to those that have been  directly affected in flood areas, not only in the US, but in areas such as  Africa, India and Asia. 

H2O Survival™ MAX & H2OLifeguard as well as our Survival Mini filter are 3 models that are excellent examples of some of our products that uses GAC, UF Membrane & Poly -Iodine technology to purify water for both drinking & Medical needs. These straws can support from 18 to 500 gallons of filtration capacity. During the the recent hurricane disasters. The need for fast and accessible clean water for the treating wounds  and injures became critical. The water filter straw purification technology is a critical resource for medical rescue teams to obtain clean water for cleansing wounds and hydrating victims, especially were bottled water was not immediately available. With the purchase of any of the H2O SURVIVAL GEAR products we automatically email you 3 disaster relief  PDF books that  can give you practical and military tactical guidance in surviving in any disaster relief situation:

 You can obtain smaller bulk quantities of our products immediately that are currently housed at amazon warehouses all over the US and can be shipped out quickly. For organizations that require large bulk quantities purchases for disaster relief, please contact us directly on our "contact us page"  or http://www.h2osurvivalgear.com so we can address your specific needs and arrange shipments.

These straws utilize the latest technology to clean water directly from lakes , streams , flood runoffs, compromised municipal water etc. as  the UF filters filter out 99.999% bacteria & viruses primarily thru the use of MIR high Iodine Resin. When this comes in contact with any bacteria like Giardia or Crptosporiduim cysts etc of any size, it instantly kills them within 0.3 seconds. The Granular Activated Carbon(GAC) and Nano balls filters out the Heavy Metals and Odors and any residual iodine,thus leaving the water pure and odor free and safe to drink.   Depending on the model straw you use . The straws can be be used to directly  drink water from an impure water supply either by sucking the water directly thru the straw by mouth or screwing a coke style water bottle  or comparable water bladder directly to the straw or by hooking up a PVC line to a water bucket. Click here for videos on typical uses

Click here to see the entire catalog of H2O Survival GAC, UF Membrane & Poly -Iodine water purifiers.


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