Making its debut in the US  EXCLUSIVELY on Amazon is the H2O Survival Travel Straw, the newest addition to the H2O Survival(tm) line of quality water filter straws!. Successfully used in Europe , but now finally available in the US. This light weight and thin water filter purifier travel straw is the perfect companion to take with you when you travel abroad in areas where your water sources may be uncertain. At only 6.5 inches long and  .5" in diameter this travel straw was designed to be easy stored in your pocket,purse or backpack.

So whether you are concerned about your water in or around Ashburn,Virginia or at a local foreign town eatery, on a cruise or in the middle of the woods at the local lake. You can rely on your travel straw to easily and instantly filter any water source and make it safe & drinkable.

H2O Survival Water Filter Travel Straw-The Worlds Smallest and Best Portable Water Filter Straw. 99.9999% effective & Small enough to discretely carry in your pocket or purse BUT large enough to filter out harmful bacteria,viruses and heavy metals anywhere in the WORLD!     So don't let the small size fool you! This straw has been designed to filter out 99.999% bacteria & viruses primarily thru the use of MIR high Iodine Resin. When this comes in contact with any bacteria like Giardia or Crptosporiduim cysts etc of any size, it instantly kills them within 0.3 seconds. The Granular Activated Carbon(GAC) and Nano balls filters out the Heavy Metals and Odors and any residual iodine,thus leaving the water pure and odor free and safe to drink. That's a triple sure filter!
While many other filters have filters lasting 30-50 Liters. The H2O survival travel straw filters 70 liters or almost 18 gallons. That's actually 148 16 oz Solo cups!  Why take chances on your next outing.  Clean water is essential for staying healthy. Don't let a  nasty water borne bug or virus ruin your next trip. Be safe, not sorry.   Pick up 1 or 2 Straws and make sure your next vacation or hike is safe and successful. CHECK OUT OUR STRAW SCHEMATIC BREAKDOWN &  INDEPENDENT LAB CERTIFICATION TEST RESULTS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE!

Small enough to fit in your pocket,purse,shirt pocket or back pocket. No need for a backpack.


About the size of your average pen. Only 6.5" Long. Not like many others that are over 8" long. Now that's not pocket size!

pen &  travel straw_clipped_rev_3

Comes with it own convenient carrying case for storage.


Comes with it own convenient carrying case for storage.

pen &  travel straw_clipped_rev_3

No need to carry your travel straw in the case when traveling about town. Just stash it in your pocket. Red end caps protect both ends,  and snap off and on easily when needed.


mini travel straw shirtpocket1

Comes with it own convenient carrying case for storage.

*Generally Filters over 18.5 Gallons. That's more than most smaller and medium sized mini filters or over 148 Red Solo cups!

solo cups mini filter

*Longevity of the filter will vary with the type of water you filter.  Exceedingly turbid debris filled water will shorten its life, while local foreign tap water with less debris will maximize its use. You will know when this filter is finished. Because you will not be able to draw any more water. Then the H20 Survival Travel Straw should be discarded and replaced with a new one. 

H2O Survival Water filter straws

 Strictly tested by the Pony Independent lab in Beijing China. Internationally recognized for quality testing in the US,UK & Germany+71 other countries around the world.

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H2O Survival Water filter straws

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