Explorers and Survival Experts know and agree when you are faced with a emergency situation while hiking, backpacking or during a disaster situation such as a Flood or Earthquake, one of the #1 most important things to do 1st is to secure a safe and containment free water source.  Clean water is essential for survival during prolonged periods without food and is essential for treating wounds.

When an emergency water situation arises due to wildfires,floods,tornadoes or a earthquake in or around [mygeo_city],[mygeo_region], its comforting to know that you have a way to obtain safe instantly drinkable water from a possibly compromised municipal  system or your local lake.  That’s why it’s essential to keep 1 H2o Survival™ Straw & water Bag system in your car and one in your emergency survival kit or bug out bag for peace of mind.

Recently battle tested in the Philippines typhoon, the H20 Survival™ Straw is quickly becoming the standard issue amongst Backpackers, Hikers,Preppers,Vacationers and those experiencing emergency disaster situations requiring an immediate and safe filtered water source.

Small and compact. It’s easy to carry for those who travel to areas where the water source may not be deemed safe. Having a highly reliable water filter purification system while hiking the backwoods or traveling abroad was very important to us. So we researched the problem and checked out the current filter straws on the market and decided to improve on the technology and create a better water filter straw.

We feel we have succeeded with the H2O Survival™ Straw.

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 Product Description & Technology

Compact (6.25 x1.25) & easily identifiable by its bright orange end caps and dark blue body. This design makes it convenient and easy to store and find in your survival pack.

The secret of our Survival Straw is it’s 2 stage Multi-layer Hierarchical filtration system that allows water from any utility system, stream, lake or standing water source to be effectively filtered for drinking by substantially eliminating many bacteria’s & heavy metals.

Unlike many of our competitors with only 0.02 micron filters. We took it a step smaller and our 1st stage filter consists of a 0.01 micron hollow fiber ultra-filtration membrane, it is HIGHLY  effective in eliminating bacteria, protozoa, cysts, algae, spores, sediments in combination with particles greater than 0.01 microns, meet the purification EPA standard in the USA. For this reason this filter works extremely well when filtering water without a lot of sediment and debris, as the tiny pores that are so effective in filtering the tiny bacteria and impurities can clog easily. So to help combat this possible situation, we Included a 3rd pre-filter for turbid water.

Our smart 2nd stage filter consists of antibacterial activated Carbon with Silver ions and removes residual chlorine, improves taste and odor, and avoids the damage of carcinogens such as trihalomethanes while inhibiting and eliminating the growth and reproduction of micro-organisms. At the same time it reduces soluble heavy metals ions in water such as Pb2+, Cd2+, Cr6+,As3+,etc., avoids the chronic heavy metal poisoning and softens the water efficiently.

HOW LONG DOES THE  H2O SURVIVAL STRAW™ WATER FILTER LAST? It should be noted that many of our competitors filter only 1000L or approximately 265 gallons, many even less.  The H2O Survival™ Straw has been tested to filter efficiently up to 1500L or 400 gallons.  That's 1.5 times greater than some of the other Straws  and  8X longer than many of the very small and thin mini water filter straws comparatively priced! This is a important fact often overlooked by those buying the very small personal water filter straws. Their capacity is often extremely limited, some generally allowing only up to 5o gallons to be filtered before you have to either replace the filter element(if that's possible) or you have to simply discard the whole water filter straw.  We have priced our to be very affordable compared to those other lower capacity filtering straws! When our filter gets to the point where you cannot suck water through it any further and repeated back flushing doesn’t help. The filter just stops allowing you to suck water. It should then be discarded and replaced with a new one. But when the included back-flush plunger and the 3rd pre filter for turbid water is used as directed. the H20 Survival™ Straw's filter longevity can be maintained to its expected 400 gallon capacity.

Additional benefits & included accessories

orangeCheckmark1Included with your filter is a back-flush plunger so you can periodically back-flush your filter and prolong its life as well as a small pre-filter that can be attached quickly to the bottom nipple to help filter water that is turbid or has large particles. This helps prolong the filter immensely by not allowing it to clog and to assure you get pure fresh drinking water when filtering from a particularly dirty sediment filled water source.

orangeCheckmark1Many other competitors filter’s instructions tell you to blow thru the filter to clean it. This is nearly impossible with our straw. The H2O Survival™ Straw was designed to filter out the tiniest of impurities and its filters are extremely dense.  The back-flush plunger provided is the best way to periodically clean your filter and flush the impurities out of the tiny 0.01 micron pores. Maintaining your straw will greatly increase the likelihood that you will be able to get the full lifetime from your straw of 400 filtered gallons and in some cases even more.

orangeCheckmark1We also included a portable flat water bottle. This helps if you want to collect your water source and store or drink it later. The smart and adaptable bottom of the filter has been designed to screw on and mate perfectly with a standard 64 oz/1.89L plastic coke bottle, 28 oz/0.82L seltzer style bottles etc. (Not compatible with any short ½ cap style bottles). Note that a 3/8” OD/ (10mm)1/4” ID/6mm silicone hose can be instantly & easily attached to the nipple on the bottom of the hose to facilitate those in a boat or in an area where getting the H2O Survival ™ Straw filter into the water is a challenge. (Silicone tube not included)

orangeCheckmark1The H2O Survival™ Straw can also be used as a gravity fed in-line filter.  i.e: If you have a large bladder or Jug of collected water. You can place the Jug up high and then you can attach a 3/8 OD Silicone hose to the drinking side and a slightly larger Silicone hose to the draw side and place the Straw in-line so that the water gravity feeds into another storage container. You generally have to suck the end to get the flow started and while there is a fairly large amount of water in the Jug the water will continue flowing. This works particularly well with a bladder where you   can place a rock or weight on the bladder pressurizing the water to be forced thru the straw, similar to if you were using the included collapsible water bag. This way if you were camping you could filter water while you were away and always have a ready source of clean filtered water available.

Check Out How Easy It Is to Use Your H2O Survival Straw

H2O Survival™ Straw Product Details

  1. Snap Cap with special all dust-free design, to protect the mouthpiece.
  2. Easier operation, no need for extra power or moving parts, just hand out for use, and suck water as directed.
  3. Exclusive “Damping system” with special UF membrane and Antibacterial GAC, makes the raw water 100% clean.
  4. Drink while filtering, safe and reliable, convenient and efficient. You only need to put your straw hose into raw water and suck it, the water will be effectively filtered immediately and be safe and drinkable
  5. Compact 6.25” x 1.25” (15.8cmx3.1cm) design, light weight 60g/2.0oz, easy to carry & easy to find with its Bright Orange end caps.
  6. Filter can screw on to our foldable water bottle (included) or any mineral water bottle or compatible coke,soda,seltzer plastic beverage bottles.
  7. Detailed Operation Weatherproof Manual for the use and care of your filter.
  8. 2 Year Manufacturers Guarantee
  9. For a Limited Time only. We have included a 3 FREE e-books. These essential guides  are must have for any backpacker,camper or traveler and provides  essential tips and methods for surviving in the backwoods and in disaster situations. Tey are delivered free via email with your purchase! Download Instructions on how to download these guides are also under the eBooks section of this site.
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2 year warrantee