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H2O SURVIVAL Limited Edition Army Green- Camping Micro Filter with CampSport3030.

  • ✔CAMPING WATER FILTER. All aviation grade aluminum hand pump. Lightweight & durable. Made strong but lightweight to store easily in your backpack gear WITHOUT creating alot of additional gear weight. INSTANT CLEAN WATER FILTRATION ANYWHERE THERE IS A WATER SOURCE: Essential for sustaining life & treating wounds. GAC filter & field cleanable Ceramic Cartridges filter out bacteria, spores, cysts,protozoa, giardia,E-coli etc
  • SELF VENTING WATER FILTER PURIFICATION SYSTEM. New model and upgrade just introduced. No more purge button needed to clear any air in the lines. Efficient water filtration and extraction without extra effort.
  • WATER FILTER STRAWS vs CAMPING WATER FILTER. Our water filter straws are extremely lightweight but you need to get down close to the water and suck in the water with your mouth to filter it VS our extremely strong & compact micro filter pump where you can attach the (2) 30" silcone lines and drop the inlet and float into the water and hand pump fill any container QUICKLY AND EASILY.
  • DEPENDABLE IN ANY DISASTER/EMERGENCY CRISIS: FLOOD/EARTHQUAKE/WILDFIRE/TORNADO. Easily will fit in your Backpack/BOB. Lighter than carrying multiple bottles of water. Pump can easily filter gallons of water into a containers for family use. Army Green Microfilter is made to last with NO plastic levers, plastic purge buttons,hand-cranks that often break easily.
  • NOTE: All our Camping Water Filter Pumps can be easily used with the our exclusive CampSport3030 Water Filter Bottle (ASIN: B00P85UUYS) that has a rear nipple under a rear hatch to facilitate direct water fill from our pumps. This will enable you to carry and store water for you and your companions during hikes and expeditions.
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Product Description

The H2O Survival Camping Water Filter (ARMY GREEN EDITION) is the micro-filter to depend on when you need instant water filtration in any situation. New and improved self-venting Army Green Micro-filter water purification system turns rain, lake, stream & pond water into safe drinkable water immediately!

Currently used by both the Mexican & Chinese Army as well as the Chinese armed Police.

-Better than most water filter straws, this superior pump features Dual Ceramic & GAC replaceable cartridges that combine to filter out 99.9999% bacteria,cysts,spores,algae,protozoa larger than 0.1μm as well as many heavy metals. (See our full chart on the left.)

-Superior aircraft grade aluminum construction is lightweight and very durable. NO plastic parts like buttons,hinges,nipples and levers that will ultimately fail when you are depending on your pump for clean water for drinking or emergency medical use.

Included Accessories:

  • * Drawstring accessory bag.
  • * (2) 28" output & Input hose.
  • * Assortment of "O"rings & lubricant to help maintain your pump.
  • * Sediment filter with cage attachment & line floats.
  • * Scraper cloth squares to clean the filters in the field.
  • * Full operations and service manual included & available online.
  • * Replaceable filters available: ASIN's(B00KBXHQC6 & B00K6OI886)
  • * 20 Year warranty against manufactures defects.

-Easy to maintain in the field as this pump can be dissembled and filters cleaned or replaced easily in seconds.

BE PREPARED.NOT SCARED.... in any Emergency Situation!

Special Limited Edition Micro-Filter  Bundle with CampSport 3030 Water filter bottle included.

Now on Sale!

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1000 box
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