From the Company That Brought You the H20 Survival Water Straw and H2O Survival Travel Straw We Are Proud to Introduce:

The H2O Survival™ CampSport 3030.


The H2O Survival CampSport3030, an amazing new BPA free water filter bottle for the environmentally conscious athlete and camping enthusiast that wants the convenience and reliability of a water filter bottle that can filter bacteria/odors/heavy metals/Chlorine+ and go from the Gym to the Great Outdoors without missing a beat.



The CampSport3030 gets its name for its technologically advanced Membrane/GAC filter system that can filter 400 gallons and will save the average consumer from clogging our landfills with a minimum of 3030 discarded 16.9 oz plastic water bottles.

The CampSport3030’s superior technology is a replaceable WQA(Water Quality Assn.) tested and approved  GAC/Membrane filter that will filter 99.9999% of bacteria,e-coli, Guardia, Legionella protozoa, cysts, algae, spores, sediments in combination with particles greater than 0.01µm +, thus meeting the purification standard of the EPA in USA.  While the 2nd stage GAC filter greatly reduces ,residual odors, heavy metals, chlorine and more from any water source, whether from the local [mygeo_city],[mygeo_region] water supply or a lake, pond or stream, anywhere in the WORLD.
Cost Efficient & Saves our Environment at the same time.
Compare the CampSport 3030 to many other popular brands whose filters cannot filter out any bacteria or heavy metals and only last for 40 gallons before needing a replacement filter.
This means that you will have to replace the other brands filters 10X before replacing our filter just ONCE! At an average of $5+ a replacement filter. That means you will be paying $50 in filters Plus the cost of their bottle, compared to the cost of our filter & bottle which is currently under $36 including shipping!
Unsurpassed Quality & Versatility for the Gym,School,Camping & Emergency Situations.
Why not have the best of the best? Our water bottle and filters are really made to last. Made from BPA food grade plastic. Our bottle is easily squeezable and dishwasher safe.  Convenient silicone Logo band provides a non-slip grip. Stores easily in your backpack, gym-bag or bug-out bag. Additional features are: a Flexible Silicone water spout that seals away under a re-closable top to protect against all outside urban elements as well as camping, disaster,hiking or biking dirt and dust. Easily fits in most bike water holders and standard car/suv cup holders.  Handy and sturdy molded loop handle allows a carabineer to be attached,to secure your bottle to your Belt or Backpack.

Hikers & Campers  & Disaster Relief “Double Protection”
Of course you can simply screw off the top and fill the bottle from any water source. BUT it has an awesome additional feature. A smartly designed rear trap door that has an extra push open/close inlet nipple that will enable hikers and campers the easy ability to filter and fill the CampSport 3030 Bottle by attaching our H2O Survival Water Camping filter micro filter pump or any other brand pump that that has 3/8 water outlet hose directly to the CampSport via the nipple. This allows for those that have a pump style filter to pre-filter the water and store it on the CampSport3030 bottle. Where it will get even further filtered as it is consumed.

The Bottom Line

If you are environmentally conscious and want to save the earth from 3030 unnecessary plastic water bottles clogging our landfills and you want the versatility of a water bottle that goes from your local Gym, in or around [mygeo_city],[mygeo_region] to virtually anywhere without a problem. Then the H2O CampSport3030 is for right you!

New Water Filter Bottle Filters 400 Gallons!
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Our Sports,Gym & Camping Bottle Features our exclusive "LongLife" 400 Gallon capacity filter. Just 1 Filter can eliminate 3030 16.9 ounce water bottles from going into US local landfills!


LifeStraw™ Go Started Out with a Good Idea....H20 Survival™ CampSport3030 Perfected it!

Anatomy of the H2O Survival CampSport3030

PREPPING THE BOTTLE FOR FIRST TIME USE: Its important that you read the manual below for optimal care of your H2o CampSport3030 Water filter bottle.  The first thing you should do to get the filter flowing correctly, is to fill it to the fill line with water  and squeeze all the water thru the straw and out the spout. Repeat this 2 or 3 times. This prepares the straw for efficient use and clears out the loose carbon filter dust. (carbon dust is non toxic). It also creates new channels thru the filtration filter to make it easier for you squeeze and suck the water thru the straw. Once you have done it once. There is usually no reason to do it again.

campsport 1 manual3

Fully backed by a 2 Year Guarantee against manufacturer’s defects.

*H2O Survival™ donates a portion of its sales to the Charity:


Our exclusive GAC/Membrane Replacement  "Long-Life" 400 Gallon capacity filters are currently under $25.00


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Safe & Reliable in the Great Outdoors OR for Daily Gym Workouts,Sports & Local Excursions.

jack testing h2o survival bottles
Tested by the TUV  Product testing facility. Headquartered in Munich, Germany with offices all over the world.  Founded in 1866  TÜV SÜD is one of the world's leading technical service  & independent  lab testing organizations.
campsport gym and team sports
TUV front Bottle test 1
WQA Certificate
*The H2O Survival CampSport Model Numbers are PB01 & PB01M