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LIFE SPAN & Usage Tips:
  • H2O SURVIVAL™ TRAVEL FILTER MAX & H20 LIFEGUARD: 400 GALLONS. (When used in sediment free water)
  • H2O SURVIVAL ™TRAVEL FILTER STRAW & STEALTH STRAW: 18 GALLONS. (When used in sediment free water)
  • H2O SURVIVAL™ STRAW(ORANGE & BLUE) :200 GALLONS (When used in sediment free water)
  • H2O SURVIVAL™ CAMPSPORT3030 WATER FILTER BOTTLE: 400 GALLONS. (When used in sediment free water)
Once open and used. All straws should be shook out free of water and stored after use in a clean dry place.
Once the membrane has been exposed to water. Expected shelf  can vary from 1 to 2 years.
If the straw doesn't draw water any longer. It generally means that the filter is clogged with sediment or the membrane has dried up and the tiny filter pores have closed.
Our straws where designed to no longer filter once the filter capability was compromised to protect the user from tainted water.
Time to buy a new straw.

We highly recommend that when filtering any water, you source water that is clear and sediment free. If you cannot source sediment free water. We highly recommend using a cloth or bandana over the end of the water straw to filter out any dirt or debris from entering the filter. Generally the most common reason water filter straws may stop working is if they get  clogged with debris from dirty water. These straws have no mechanical function to fail. Its filtration system is limited to GAC (granulated charcoal) a soft membrane filter,  which is a porous filter with tiny holes, then several fabric filters and a poly iodine resin. All combine to clean the water. (see charts above)

When any water filter straw is used in dirty sediment filled water it will cut the lifespan down accordingly to how sediment filled the water is. Also these straws have a shelf -life span of  up to about 2 years once opened. Once you start using them. The membrane starts drying out. When it completely drys out, it becomes hard and thus doesn't filter the water any longer and clogs. This was designed so that once the straw has lost it capability to filter, it will not allow any more water to pass, so as not to allow the user to draw tainted water with out proper filtration.

Suggestion:  On the MAX , Mini travel straw and the H2OLifeguard you can try back flushing it. By forcing water from  the mouth piece out the bottom by adapting  a turkey baster, plunger device or any device that would allow you to force water thru the mouth piece out the bottom. That would likely unclog it if its just dirt. If the membrane has dried up. Then the tiny pores are closed and the straw has to be discarded.